Does this make me old?

My hair has grown darker and darker since I had children. Once a sun-bleached blonde, I gave up the decade-long pretense and expense of highlights a few years ago. But this past winter, with a cowlick where one had never existed, my part switched from one side to the other, and now my dome was absorbing light, sucking it in to a big black (really dark brown) hole. I started using a “blonde” shampoo in the hopes that I could regain (for $4.79 rather than $150) my lighter locks. And I suddenly had a memory of Lemon Up shampoo. The lid was a plastic lemon like the ones that contain artificial lemon juice in the supermarket. This led me to recall Love’s Fresh Lemon, my favorite scent from the 70s. I have not moved too far down the citrus chain; I now wear Grapefruit by Jo Malone. And what about Love’s Baby Soft? I know. I know. I’m gagging just thinking about it, and at the same time I kinda loved it.

The challenge now is for you to recall some of your favorite products of those days. Yucca Dew Shampoo, anyone? Who remembers Space Food Sticks? I loved Lipton Beef Stroganoff; even the beef was dehydrated! Huckapoo shirts??

Your turn! Leave a comment about your favorite olden days product.

Postscript:  When I searched “yucca dew” for an image to use with this post, I got Lemon Up!  So here you go, plastic lemons and all!


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