So Much To Do…

There are so many things I need to do:

Eat right
Exercise more
Learn to garden
Make the switch from summer to fall clothes
Organize my closet, office, kitchen, laundry, files, bills, spices
Winterize my front porch and furniture
Clean the refrigerator
Clean out the basement
Paint the patio table and chairs
Get rid of the pots of dead flowers.

And yet this is what I end up doing:

Time to get up
Time to get up
It’s getting late
Seriously, get up now
What can I get you for breakfast
You need some breakfast
Please eat something
Can I wrap this to go
What would you like for lunch
How about this
How about this
You’re getting this
we have to go
Time to go
Let’s go
do you have everything
did you remember your lunch
did you remember your homework
have a lovely day
eat (not right)
(not) exercise
did you have a lovely day
do you have much homework
please get off facebook and do your homework
is that homework
when are you going to start your homework
please stop texting and do your homework
please stop skypeing and do your homework
please stop doing your homework and go to bed
please stop texting and go to bed
please stop skypeing and go to bed
I’m going to bed.
Time to get up…




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