Getting Back to Writing

Time to get back to writing

It’s been far too long since I posted on a regular basis. I tell myself it’s because I am so busy, but the truth is we can ALWAYS make time for what we want to do. I recently wrote an essay that consumed a lot of my time; I was so glad I devoted¬†that time. I wrote about an old boyfriend, although it was not really about him as much as it was about me. I was nearly to 1800 words when I stopped and reviewed. For me, that’s a lot. I tend to write in more bite-size pieces. It was an enormous relief to have the story–itself about resolution–out of my head, where it has lived for about 35 years.

My beautiful friend Sara wrote her blog every day for her fiftieth year. She set a goal and she met it. She inspires me. As I entire a new phase of my life, I am committing to posting here as often as I can, hopefully once or twice a week. I appreciate your reading, and I would love your feedback.

Today is a good day to start.