25 Random Things About Me

I found this Facebook note from January 2009, and I thought it would be interesting to repost here.  I have not edited it at all.  When you have finished reading, tell me something interesting about you, whether you think I know it or not.

1. I may be the most insecure person you know, but apparently I am smart (continue reading).
2. The nuns in my catholic elementary school wanted to double promote me and my parents said no.
3. I scored in the top 50 sixth graders taking the entrance exam for the Latin schools (49th).
4. My SAT scores were 720 English and 640 Math.
5. Maybe not so smart: I once ended a radio interview on gun control by telling the host I “had to go get my laundry out of the machine.” The family back home was so proud, to say nothing of my boss…
6. I am addicted to celebrity gossip blogs. This should be no surprise to those who know I used to buy tabloids, and was once given a subscription to the Weekly World News as a gift. It came to my apartment in a plain brown wrapper.
7. I am so grateful for my life, for my family, my husband, my friends.
8. I was a competitive figure skater for most of my young life. I still love skating and dream about it a lot, the feeling of joy I get just stepping on the ice.
9. I desperately want to go back to Italy–and many, many times.
10. My husband is the greatest, nicest, funniest person I have ever known.
11. My brothers are a close second.
12. The decision to have my parents live with us was one of the best we have ever made.
13. Like Liser, I love my in-laws (thanks SIL!)
14. I was once held in contempt of Congress.
15. Jim and Sarah Brady, the Mayor of Boston and a state rep were all at my wedding.
16. My son once said that I love the Red Sox more than I love him.
17. My daughter is the embodiment of why little girls have always terrified me.
18. September 11th had a profound impact on me, as did my 25th high school reunion about a month later.
19. Cooking makes me extremely happy, and having people enjoy my food makes me even more happy. I also love cookbooks, a lot!
20. When I first moved to Marblehead, I hated it with all my heart and soul. Now you couldn’t pry me out with a shoehorn.
21. Christmas is my favorite holiday, largely because of Christmas Eve with my family, and because David and Tony will be here.
22. The Christmas Eve Yankee Swap is hilarious; I am always impressed with how friends and family rise to the challenges placed before them!
23. I performed in a figure skating exhibition during an eclipse, and once performed at the outdoor rink at the Pru. Doing a layback spin and looking up at the Prudential Building was a feeling of nausea I STILL have not forgotten.
24. I miss my grandmother, and Mr. Smith and hope that they have found Mrs. Donnelly and Uncle John and are having a blast together.
25. I hope that people will remember me as a kind person.

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  1. 26. You once stood up to a Girls’ Latin teacher who wanted you to remove tinsel from your hair and earned my immense admiration.

    Are you still involved in gun violence prevention? I have a League of Women Voters meeting on Wednesday and plan to push the Sudbury group and the Mass. state LWV to promote a public health approach – like the public health movement that over the years changed the social attitudes to make safety features in cars desirable and drunk driving not acceptable. We could prevent so many suicides if guns were manufactured to work only for the licensed owner, not for the depressed kid whose parents have guns in the house. And if we made it acceptable to ask the parent of a troubled teen to move their guns out of the house for the duration. Ideas and other help would be most welcome.

    1. Bonnie–thanks for #26. Now give me one about you!! As far as gun violence prevention, I am happy to help, although I am far removed from my Handgun Control days. I remember that one of the pieces of information that I always thought was helpful was that most suicide attempts are cries for help; guns do not allow for that. There was also the message that guns and ammunition in the home should be kept and locked up separately. I found this tool kit put together by the Presbyterian Church that has some interesting info, including a Citizen’s Test on Gun Violence in America.

      1. And I remember the tinsel incident. It was the holidays and I had it braided into my hair. I thought it looked pretty festive; others disagreed!

  2. Loved this, as I do all of your blogs!

    Here are a few random notes to yours, in no particular order!

    3. My principal at St A’s told me that I barely got into GLS! She said I probably shouldn’t go there since I got one of the last slots! They were so happy that 6 of us from that 6th grade class were accepted, but they were not happy at all that we all left St Andrew’s!

    12. I always wanted my parents to live with us. They did for a few months during a transition, about 7 years ago, I loved every moment, even the bathroom stories I could tell! I did have many years as an adult before I was married with them. And now, I miss them so much!

    22. Our Christmas Yankee Swap was always stressful, but very funny! So many personalities and ideas about whether a gift should be funny or practical, and/or worth the $ limit! The scratch ticket issues got so bad that we had to ban them! There was a big round white candle about the size of a volleyball that was the gag gift that made the rounds for a few years! But the funniest of all was the one when my sister was in London with her husband for Christmas and we did a “phone call in” Yankee swap. Too bad it was before the cell phone/texting age so we could have sent pics of all the items

    10. Not even close for me, although I do get lots of laughs on his account!

    11. My brothers are nice, sisters, well, sisters are different!

    15. I was not at your wedding, but I am sure it was fabulous! (Post some pics!)


    25. You will most definitely be remembered as kind, and so much more, especially smart!

    Random because of your #8. I remember seeing you at Bajko in HP, I think, before I met you at GLS! I am sure you were not skating when I was, we were in beginner groups forever and never really advanced although we got some badges, which until about 10 years ago, I could find in 5 minutes! The memory is etched in my brain, you were in the parking lot. Does that make sense? Would the timing be right? I also was sure that I knew Carrie from the Elliott Sewing School in JP, but she didn’t remember me from there. That was another wonderful activity that my mother sent me to. She always let us try whatever we wanted to! Among the list for me were piano and guitar lessons, Irish Step, swim team, singing lessons, and modeling lessons, haha! Not to mention my 12 years as a Girl Scout, camp and all!

    But something you may or may not know about me is that I love performing arts, although not as a performer. I think I could have been a director or props or costume person. I still think that someday, I could possibly be a producer, but the clock is ticking! I really wish I had known that about myself when I was younger, as it would be a whole lot more fun than accounting, I think!

    Please keep the blogs coming, they really are great!

    1. 3. I cannot imagine GLS without you! That was kismet, for sure!
      22. We assign a theme; removes pretty much any question you could ask. Some of our themes have been “Something Homemade;” “A Recipe and Its Ingredients” (the “Recipe for Disaster” was pretty funny); a “DIY Project.” One year you could wrap whatever you wanted under ten dollars, but you had to write a poem about it and attach it to the outside for the chooser to read.

      Yes, I skated at Bajko! That is so funny! And the badges!!

      My mother in law is very good friends with the Reagle Players guy in Waltham if you ever want an introduction. I believe that they are pretty professional. But there are so many others–Stoneham, for example. YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog. I really love writing it and I love knowing that you enjoy it!

    1. #6. I think that is right! Gallipoli and The Year of Living Dangerously had clouded my thinking!
      #12. Don’t make me amend #11…

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