Because it makes me happy

I get up at the crack of dawn every day. I like to get the dog fed, make the coffee, then get my children out of bed when they need to be woken up. I make them breakfast when they need it, pack a lunch when they need that.

I pay for their coffee when we go through the drive through at Dunks, even though I never get anything for myself. I do their laundry. I buy them Chipotle even though I am morally opposed. I bake them cookies, shop for their favorite foods and cook them their favorite meals.

I drive my son to work or the train in the morning, and pick him up when he is done. I let my daughter take my mini convertible most of the time when she needs a car.

I will stop most things I am doing if either of them needs anything.

And no, I am not an enabler, a coddler, a helicopter parent.

I do, and give, and cook, and clean for my family because I want to. It makes me happy. My children will be gone from home soon enough, and will have to do for themselves. For now, I am grateful to have the chance to make their lives a little easier.






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