Ten Things I Love Vol. III

  1. My GE Sandwich Maker/Waffle Iron.  It has to be forty years old, was my mother’s before it was mine, and there is no panini press in the world that can beat it (EVIDENCE: Can a panini press make pancakes?) On eBay, it is called “vintage.” Oh, and mine looks a lot worse-for-wear than the one pictured here!
  2. My MacBook Pro.  Why the hell did I wait so long to buy a Mac???
  3. Our dog Preston.  Newfies are the best dogs in the world!
  4. Winter sunsets.
  5. Winter night skies.  Jupiter.  There.  Always.  And the stars, oh my heavens.
  6. Winter sunrises.  OK, that was cheap.  I should have put them all in one, maybe called “winter skies,” but hey, I needed ten.
  7. Smitten Kitchen, the blog and the cookbook.
  8. Travel coffee mugs.  Especially ones that don’t drip down the front of you while you are driving.
  9. The LL Bean hat that my Aunt Marsha gave me a hundred years ago.  Probably would be called vintage on eBay, too.
  10. My husband, who makes me laugh so hard.  When I actually am able to have conversations with him–he’s been mostly at work, damn flu season.
  11. (a bonus because of that winter skies thing) Swift Publisher.  A fun but flawed app that allows you to create flyers, brochures, etc.

What are you loving today?