Does this make me old?

My hair has grown darker and darker since I had children. Once a sun-bleached blonde, I gave up the decade-long pretense and expense of highlights a few years ago. But this past winter, with a cowlick where one had never existed, my part switched from one side to the other, and now my dome was absorbing light, sucking it in to a big black (really dark brown) hole. I started using a “blonde” shampoo in the hopes that I could regain (for $4.79 rather than $150) my lighter locks. And I suddenly had a memory of Lemon Up shampoo. The lid was a plastic lemon like the ones that contain artificial lemon juice in the supermarket. This led me to recall Love’s Fresh Lemon, my favorite scent from the 70s. I have not moved too far down the citrus chain; I now wear Grapefruit by Jo Malone. And what about Love’s Baby Soft? I know. I know. I’m gagging just thinking about it, and at the same time I kinda loved it.

The challenge now is for you to recall some of your favorite products of those days. Yucca Dew Shampoo, anyone? Who remembers Space Food Sticks? I loved Lipton Beef Stroganoff; even the beef was dehydrated! Huckapoo shirts??

Your turn! Leave a comment about your favorite olden days product.

Postscript:  When I searched “yucca dew” for an image to use with this post, I got Lemon Up!  So here you go, plastic lemons and all!

8 Replies to “Does this make me old?”

  1. I can literally smell the Lemon Up shampoo. I remember using that, and also the original Clairol Herbal Essence. And on my face PHisoHEX, (not to be confused with the safer to use Phisoderm). Phisohex was found to have some harsh chemicals in it if I recall, that started with Hex, Hexachlor…something or other. Ahhh the good ol’ days!

    1. I LOVED the smell of Herbal Essence, long before the smell sent you to er, um, ecstacy! And I also liked the “and they told two friends” shampoo, the name of which I cannot remember. But I remember the ads. Odd.

  2. Prell shampoo with the pearl in the bottle (Cheryl, more ‘P’ words).
    I also remember begging my mother for a pair of buffalo sandals.
    Making fake braces with the silver Ring Ding wrappers was memorable,
    especially when they came in contact with my metal fillings.

  3. What about Gee your Hair Smells Terrific in a purple bottle with the yellow cap? I was just mentioning it to Kate the other day….smelled so good! Loved Prell shampoo too!

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