I want to be formidable. I want to be strong and fearless and sure. I want to feel the courage of my convictions, and know with confidence that what I am doing is the right thing. But I have teenage children. So I am none of these things. I feel their pain so deeply, and take their dismissals so personally. I sense that I am floundering at every turn. When I want to sound wise, I am afraid I am a babbling idiot. Where I hope to show an example, I am often petty and small. Yesterday, I asked my daughter to “unfriend” someone who had slighted my son; I told my son to rise above the angsty drama. I am so full of it.
Can good intentions ever be enough?






3 responses to “Formidable”

  1. Joan

    Everything starts with intention, from the heart.
    It is THE only thing that matters. The results might
    manifest as less than we had expected or hoped
    for. And therein lies the opportunity for spiritual
    growth. Just your thoughts expressed above
    show a true loving heart on her journey. It is a
    blessed trip and you are on the right road.
    Your children hear you even if it doesn’t appear so.
    Love you, my sweet friend.

    1. cbyrne9458

      Thank you, my dear friend.

  2. […] once wrote that I wanted to be formidable.  My horoscope the other day said I would be, actually using the word. […]

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