Happy Labor Day


When I worked at OSHA, I learned a lot about the history of the work force in the United States, and fully appreciate the sentiment behind Labor Day. I also appreciate the fact that I have a day off. Sadly, I will spend most of it at the mall, but that’s another post.

I love love love this time of year. I always loved going back to school; I loved visiting my Nana’s house on the Cape after the season was over. I love the feeling of anticipation tinged with nostalgia for the days barely past.

And I LOVE that I do not have to put together a crew to run sailboat races every flippin’ weekend! WOOHOO!

Treasure this beautiful day; enjoy the warmth of the sun; savor the tomatoes and corn and cucumbers and lobstahs and grilled burgers and strawberry shortcake. Value your friends and family. And look forward to tomorrow when you get the house to yourself!





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