Do you read your horoscope?  I read two–my sun sign and my moon sign.  I am an Aries moon and a Virgo in the traditional zodiac.  I am pretty stereotypical in my Virgo traits, and I find it amusing when people I really connect with will often have birthdays very close to mine.  But it is my moon sign that I find to be a pretty good guide.  It’s funny to go through stretches where every day there is something so completely in line with where I am or how I feel.

Today’s Aries horoscope said, “Shine your light of love and good feelings will reflect back in return.”  I gotta tell you, my light of love is pretty flippin’ dim right about now.  I am so tired of trying to smile, to be patient, to be helpful, to salve bruised egos and sacrifice my own. And that’s when I am AWAY from home and teenagers!

But that is at least partly why I follow my sign.  I know today I am going to have to reach back (kinda like Jon Lester did the other night against the Yankees), and find just a bit more to get through today’s nine innings.  I am only in the top of the fourth and as Eck would say, I am already gassed.



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