Letter P


“Letter P.  All my thoughts are pouring out of me…”

Think the Beatles’ “Yesterday” by way of the Muppets. That’s what my friend Sara did in a recent post, describing five things about herself using the letters T and K. She offered to assign letters; I accepted. She gave me P.

Ten things about me that begin with the letter P:

Passionate—I care deeply about lots of things and am always happy to share my opinion—usually loudly (see pandemonium below).

Public (relations)—Communicating is at the heart of what I do for a living, and I think I am pretty good at it.

Prude—Please keep yourself to yourself, and I will do the same.

Pathetic—I am truly such a moron, I embarrass myself sometimes.

Prideful—Bursting over my children, as much for who they are as for any of their accomplishments. And my husband, well, he amazes me every day.

Picky—I will return it to the store; I will send it back to the kitchen. Are we clear?

Powerful—gonna let that one sit. Felt really good to type it.

Pampered—With four younger brothers, you would think that I was very motherly. Nope. I taught them how to drive a stick and swear like a sailor. They all protected me as if I were their baby sister. I was the only granddaughter of nine grandchildren ( see Sense Memory). And with my mom and dad living with me, I am so well-cared for that it is embarrassing (another theme emerging…let’s do E next time!)

Pandemonium—I am loud (see passionate above) and am usually “shushed” wherever I go. Hotel security came to our door at midnight last weekend, did their shusshhing and spelled out their three-strikes policy. It was me, and three other people in the room—no radio, no television. And it was not the Particleboard Inn.

Parallel—As a virgo, everything must be symmetrical.

Peculiar—offbeat, perhaps?

BONUS  Ten things that I am not that begin with the letter P:


Tell me one thing about you that begins with P.


4 Replies to “Letter P”

  1. My P-word? Perfect. Hahaha. No. I’d go with Perceptive. Most of the time. Loved your words and agreed with them except maybe the last one. Peculiar? To whom? Alien creatures? It’s so much fun to get a P-eek into other P-eople’s P-rivate P-erspectives on their P-ersonalities. Love you.

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