Letter to the Mugford Street Players and Georgette Beck

(I mailed a hand-written version of this letter today–CAB)

July 22, 2013

To the Mugford Street Players and Ms. Georgette Beck,

Thank you so much for selecting my “Ghosts in the Guest Room” as the winner of the Georgette Beck prize at the Marblehead Festival of Arts Writers’ World competition.  The Festival is just about my favorite thing in all of Marblehead (and that’s saying something!) and this was my first submission.  I was so happy to hear the news, and was delighted and humbled to learn from my friend Dave Rich about the amazing Georgette Beck. I only wish I had been able to attend your reading of my piece!

I have donated your very generous prize money to the Friends of Marblehead Public Schools.  FMPS is a volunteer organization that provides privately backed funding in the arts, sciences and math for our students and professional development for our teachers.   As a parent of children who have attended both small private schools and Marblehead public schools, I can say with authority that my daughter has and will continue to benefit from the arts offerings at Marblehead High School.  I am so pleased to be able to make a meaningful contribution, thanks to your generous prize.


Cheryl Byrne


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