Life in the Time of Coronavirus Tuesday April 7, 2020

The disappearance and ultimate loss of my blog content from October 2019 until now has impacted me more than it should have. I feel really deflated and out of motivation. I did a little work on the site that I hope will freshen it up and maybe get me back more into writing. We’ll see.

We had an impromptu gathering on the lawn last night, physically distant; socially very much together. Thanks, neighbors!

My brother has been sending me photos and video of some of the wonderful times we have spent together. It has been a joyful way to start the day. Thank you, Chris.

This video was from our sailing trip in Maine in 2018. I said to Justin last night that when this is well and truly over, I want to charter a sailboat in Maine and just cruise around for two weeks, with no real itinerary.

We would pick up the boat in Rockland. We could visit Sally and Ron in Port Clyde, have a drink at the Barn, stop in Bucks Harbor, race down the Eggemoggin reach. Maybe overnight in Vinalhaven or North Haven. Perry Creek. Merchants Row. Where would you go?

We wonder what our summer is going to be like here: Will boats be launched? Will the harbor ever fill up like in normal years?

Our beautiful town under the full Pink Moon (and an empty harbor, not that it would be full but maybe one or two boats). Volunteers climbed the lighthouse and put up the lights that are normally reserved for 4th of July and Christmas celebrations. Thanks to Wednesdays in Marblehead for the glorious photo–and to our community for the unexpected joy!

The lighthouse was lit early this year and offers a perfect focal point on the Neck by the light of the moon shining overhead

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