Life in the Time of Coronavirus Wednesday April 15, 2020

UPDATE: I started this post a week ago and then lost energy (mostly because I had a LOT of tight deadline writing assignments for a client). I’m still gonna post because it’s some good stuff! I will try to get back to writing on a regular basis as I find it really helps me. I hope you don’t find it TOO annoying!

There is one thing I have done differently during this time that I will continue to do post-pandemic (I really like the sound of that). I have been buying three baguettes at a time, cutting them into sandwich size pieces, wrapping them in foil, and freezing them. It has been SUCH a game changer. I HATE wasting baguettes, but we never seem to use the whole thing. This way I have not JUST rolls for sandwiches, but fresh sliced bread to go with dinner (if needed).

The weather NEEDS to get better quickly. We also may have been a bit too enthusiastic. We started a whole bunch of seeds in the house to get ready for the garden and they are taking over! The tomatoes and beans in our window upstairs can be seen from space. And the corn which has already been moved to the attack, is now outgrowing the room!

Perry and Meg set up an apres-ski speakeasy in the basement, complete with Tirolian soundtrack and signature cocktail, the Hugo. It was amazing. And the change of scenery alone was reviving!

Do you play the NY Times Spelling Bee? It is completely free now! Justin, Perry and I both try to achieve genius status each day. It is a great diversion and a good brain muscle exercise!

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