A mix-up, follow-up, give-a-dog-a-bone kinda post (plus it makes me think of mojitos…mmmmmm).

More great words:

Tomfoolery—heard this today on 98.5 The Sports Hub in reference to a fan who wore a bag over his head to the Red Sox game last night. It’s Josh Beckett who should be wearing the bag.

Formidable–(pronounced either in English or French)

More on the Red Sox:

I like Bobby V less and less every day. He could not even admit that the perception of Josh Beckett golfing with a lat strain is a problem.

Trade Youkilis the second he gets back. Trade Josh Beckett in the off-season. LAST off-season.

Cut with the Closer conversation. Put someone in who can handle the pitchers at the plate, whenever they are at the plate.

More things I love:

SO Delicious Coconut Creamer–Tried it as a non-dairy substitute for half and half, which I love but was causing me, urp, problems. LIKE them on Facebook, and enter a giveaway a day contest.

Smoothies made with unsweetened coconut milk. I had always made smoothies with yogurt and just did not love them. I have eaten more fruit in the past week than I have in, oh, ever!

My mom. And her laundry skills. I am so spoiled.

Small changes that make BIG differences (see coconut creamer above.)

The forecast for the weekend.





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