My Bad Habits (the ones I can talk about)

When I wash the dishes, I wash one at a time with the water running. I know how wrong this is, what a waste, and how environmentally insensitive. It is a direct response to all the years of washing dishes for my family of seven, when the sink would be filled once–ONCE!–and all the dishes added. By the time you were done, there was not a sud left, and putting your hands into the sink then was like at a Halloween Haunted House when you are blindfolded and your hands are forced into bowls of cold spaghetti and peeled grapes. I shudder at the memory alone.

I bite my fingernails. Not always, but enough so that I am often unable to get knots out.

I know I promised Lana that I would give up celebrity gossip. But my brother David convinced me that D-Listed is not really celebrity gossip (Tina Fey once said in an interview, “I read [pop-culture blog] every day—anyone can say rude things, but I find his writing to actually be very funny. He probably thinks I’m nuts because I say this constantly. He’s probably like, “She’s going to kill me and wear my skin!”)

My mom loves ice cream. I have asked her more than once to stop buying it every week, that we just do not need it in the house. Yet, I always sneak into her freezer and take a spoonful or two or a small dishful. Such a hypocrite I am!

I love ketchup on steak. And on prime rib.

I am far too fond of the soapbox. You would think I was the wisest, most experienced woman alive. As my HCI friends told me upon my departure, “remember Cheryl, you are not always right–you just think you are. “. Twenty years later and I still have not learned that lesson.

What bad habits can you talk about? Get ’em off your chest and conscience right here! And I could use the company!

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  1. Washing the dishes—I know o exactly what you mean to the point where I’m consciously trying NOT to do that. I do it when I wash lettuce too and now I try to remember to turn it between leaves!

    1. For me: not washing the dishes until the sink is full and I have no choice if I want to live in a pest-free home.

      Other bad habits: not ready to reveal. . .

      I think my Rachel takes after you, the whole soapbox thing. Oh, maybe she takes after Sam. 🙂

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