New Year Grab Bag I

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my Nana‘s death.  I looked it up–now follow this train of thought–because I have been feeling so down since Christmas, and I was thinking about how my Nana always struggled with the blues this time of year, and I remembered that she first got sick right after Christmas, and then I realized she also died around now.  I needed to know exactly when, and it was January 7, 2002.  Funny that the 10th anniversary went by unremarked.  Not that I don’t think of her all the time; I do.  I just think of her life, not her death.

A nice dinner with friends can really chase those blues away.  Sushi, sake, Sam and Sara, aaaah.

I once wrote that I wanted to be formidable.  My horoscope the other day said I would be, actually using the word.  Excellent.

I have decided that I am going to make resolutions that are achievable.  Just like setting goals with clients, I want my resolutions to be manageable, attainable, and ultimately effective.  My first resolution of 2013 has been to push myself professionally.  I recently met with a terrific company and when I was asked how I get my clients, I was embarrassed to answer truthfully that I usually sit around and wait until they fall into my lap.  The CEO was gracious enough to see that as a positive, but it crystalized the challenge for me.  See “formidable” above.

Being the mother of two teenagers is like living in bizarro world.  And the lack of a parenting manual only adds to the surreality.

What are your random thoughts of the day?  Really, I want to hear them!






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  1. My random thought of the day: I love being part of an alliteration — Sushi, Sake, Sam and Sara. I really do hope we pulled you out of the blues at least for a short while. I know you did that for me. 🙂

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