Ten Things I Love Right Now

Here are ten things that I love right now:

I am knitting a blanket as a gift, and using double knitting for the first time. I absolutely loDouble knitting with Cheryl Byrneve the results and the needles are big enough that my hands are not constantly aching.

Purl Soho has the coolest email updates, great patterns and amazing yarn. I cannot wait to go there when I visit my daughter at NYU this Fall.

Even though I am already a mess thinking about my daughter leaving for NYU this Fall, I am excited for her. I can’t wait to hear what dorm she is in. She was telling me about an NYUPreston and Perry Cheryl Byrne Communications Blog dorm, Palladium, where Sunday brunch is apparently legendary. I said that there used to be a club in NYC called Palladium where my beautiful friend Regina once left me holding her pocketbook while she and Sven, newly arrived from Sweden and the handsomest man I had ever seen, went to dance, and then disappeared for hours into the balcony. It’s the same place. Also I plan on naming my autobiography “Memoirs of a Pocketboook Holder.”

My husband gave me starter trays of herbs and they are just about ready to replant. So he got a couple of window boxes to hang from my porch railings. I am so excited to have basil, oregano, cilantro, thyme and tarragon right outside my back door!

My son is home from college for the summer. It makes me smile so hard when I walk by his Duffy at Preston Cheryl Byrne Communications Blogroom and see him there!

My parents are home for the summer. I am so happy that they are healthy and happy and here!

Big Papi passing Carl Yastrzemski in home runs by hitting two against the Yankees on Mothers’ Day was pretty cool.

The new fish market in my lovely town is incredible! We bought shrimp cocktail for our little Kentucky Derby party and even my mom, who is averse to spending money on frivolous things, said she was never cooking shrimp for shrimp cocktail again. Really, best I have ever tasted.

Also fish market related, I recently discovered cooking salmon on a cedar plank. If you have not done this, you really should try. I made a rub with brown sugar, piment d’espellete (thank you, Allyson Schultz!), celery seed and salt. Soak the plank first, lay the salmon on top and put it on the grill. Easy and the best salmon you will ever eat.

Unless it’s the clay pot salmon at Soall Bistro. Who wants to meet there for lunch this week?




4 Replies to “Ten Things I Love Right Now”

  1. Love this, Bub! Made me smile because I can hear you saying all of those things. 🙂

    And just for the record – pocketbook holder is the least of all the things you are. But my 20-something self thanks you for being a damn good pocketbook holder one night, long long ago, at the Palladium. <3
    "Sven??? His name is Sven???? Of course it is!"

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