Ten Things I Love Vol. IV (Product Placement Edition)

  1. Method products. I am currently using the Lavendar All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, the bathroom cleaner and the dishwasher soap tabs. Love.
  2. Lypsyl lip balm. I have used Carmex for decades, but the tube on Lypsyl makes it so easy to use–even one-handed.
  3. My Vic Firth pepper mill. Fun fact: For more than 50 years, Vic Firth was the timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and he developed what are often referred to as the world’s finest drumsticks.
  4. Listerine Whitening Toothpaste.
  5. The return of hockey. This is the one sport that everyone in my family loves, and loves to watch together. For our 17th anniversary last year, I gave Justin a Lucic jersey. Perry was quick to point out that Lucic is NOT Justin’s favorite player. Ah, but what’s his number, I asked?
  6. Ralph Vaughn Williams. If you like the music of Downton Abbey, you will enjoy Vaughn Williams.
  7. Clutter busting. When my house is a mess, my brain is a mess. Clean and clutter-free kitchen counters bring such clarity (and a lot of alliteration!)
  8. Playoff football. The Ravens-Broncos and Seahawks-Falcons games were so much fun. I must have said “holy cow” a hundred times during the second half of the Seattle-Atlanta game.
  9. Justin’s days off.
  10. Applegate organic and natural meats. Despite my aversion to all things organic, Applegate has won me over simply because their products taste great.

Did I miss anything?  Is there a product you cannot live without?

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