Things I am Grateful For This Thanksgiving

1. My mom and dad, and my brothers and their husband and wives and their children.

2. My wonderful husband and children.

3. My husband’s family.

4. My dog.  I am always amazed at how much I love and appreciate Preston.  He keeps me company and never, ever talks to me like I am an idiot.

5. My writing group.  I was so flattered to be invited to join, and even more delighted now that we have been meeting on a regular basis.  I feel so encouraged and supported by this talented and entertaining group of friends.

6. My five-year tour of duty as Chair of the Race Committee at the Eastern Yacht Club.  It was a difficult job, but as I said in my farewell speech, I knew I could do it–despite my utter lack of experience or knowledge–because there are so many talented people I could call on to help.  I was able to cross paths, to meet and to get to know SO many people who I might never have otherwise.

7. The eight days I spent recently at Marblehead High School.  What amazing students!  The teachers there are so lucky to have them.  I really loved spending time with the seniors, and hope that my workshops were helpful to them.

8. The folks I work with.  Man, I am so lucky to work with very smart, very talented people.

9. My new performing arts friends.  Very excited to get to know them all better.  I am having so much fun diving into this cult-like world!

10. Facebook.  Seriously.


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