Things that drive me crazy Vol.I

  1. People that try to pass you on the right as you slow down or stop. You are going to kill that pedestrian I stopped for, and I will have to live the rest of my life with the image of it happening. Just stop. Please. Stop.
  2. My inability to remember anything. “Mom, remember I told you yesterday about that?” No, sadly, I don’t.
  3. Misspellings on Facebook. I want to correct them, but it feels so rude to reply to your friend’s post about how unhappy they are with, “I am so sorry; but ‘your’ means ‘belonging to you’ and ‘you’re’ means ‘you are.’ Also, ‘riddens’ is actually ‘riddance.”’ See? That’s rude, right?
  4. When people tell me how incredibly busy they are, or how many hundreds of emails they get a day. Please.
  5. Employees complaining about their job either to me directly or while I am in earshot. You have a job. Remember? You are getting paid to bag my groceries?  Let’s focus on that, ok?

What’s driving you nuts today?

4 Replies to “Things that drive me crazy Vol.I”

  1. Cheryl – love your blog – RE: Item 3 – The English teachers at my son’s school (Hayfield Secondary in Alexandria VA) got a special T-shirt to wear at a recent pep rally – it said “they’re there their they’re there their they’re there their….” all down the front of the shirt – wonderful – but probably wasted on the kids 🙁

  2. Cheryl, I share all of you pet peeves listed in this post!!! I think Catholic school made grammar Nazis out of a lot of us. My mother drove it home to my siblings and me and we are all intolerant of bad grammar (which isn’t always easy to handle).

    I would add that I can’t stand seeing people with metal detectors at the end of a wonderful beach day…. preying on the misfortunes those who came before them to enjoy the day.

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