WikiRandom Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about winning the WikiRandom Challenge. It was a big moment for me, as it kick-started my writing on a regular basis. I shared the victory with Ellen Gregory,who became responsible for hosting the next challenge. The Wikirandom Challenge, started by Laird Sapir in January, involves writing a 3-sentence piece of fiction incorporating a phrase picked out after hitting Wikipedia’s ‘random article’ button.

And the random phrase is: Wooden wings.

You must post your entry at Ellen’s blog by the end of the day Friday.  I am sharpening my pencil.

UPDATE:  I have posted my entry.

“An image of the Spruce Goose and its heavy, utterly ridiculous wooden wings came immediately to mind.  “Seriously?” I whispered to Ben, barely visibly in his black clothing and black hat pulled low over his face on what had turned out to be a fully black night.  “You want me to jump over this wall?”

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