I won!

I love to write, but I am undisciplined. At least that is the excuse I always use for not writing (for pleasure that is; obviously it is required for my profession!) I have been envious of my friend Sara for a long time, for her discipline in not just completing a novel, but starting on the next one! She also recently began blogging, and I am a devoted reader. When she offered a challenge based on one in which she had participated (and won), I decided to try it. It was only three sentences, after all, not much self-control required there!

But I did not send in my entry right away. I was afraid–not sure of what, but what I felt was most certainly fear. Yesterday, the last day to enter, I took a deep breath and hit send. It felt momentous to me, and I was relieved and happy that I had taken the leap.

Of ten terrific entries, I was one of two winners. You would have thought I won the Pulitzer by my reaction–tears, a phone call to my brother–and maybe someday I will. But today, I am grateful for the ten-fingers over the hurdle from my beautiful friend.

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