This week has been interesting in that my website crashed and burned and I spent far too many hours trying to figure out why and fix it.  Eventually I had to make a decision to continue on my quest to recover what I had, or to cut my losses and start from scratch.  I went with scratch.

I am trying my best to see this as an opportunity, to make the site better, to blog more frequently, and write about more than just working from home.  But it would have been far easier to just get back what I had.  There was a comfort-level there, sort of the devil-I-knew. Metaphor, anyone?

But I did learn some valuable lessons that I have been able to share.  Keep your content somewhere separate from your site.  Blog posts, bios, anything.  If your database goes, they go, too.

Even though I am still really far behind on my to-do list today, I am happy with the decision, and will continue to mess around with this site until I get it right.  Site=life.

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