Why I love Facebook

So many people complain about Facebook, about what a time-suck it can be.  That’s true, if you stop and play games, and read articles, and watch videos.  I guess I do not use Facebook that way.  Oh, I watch videos (killed myself laughing over the drunk singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”–thanks Steph!)  But I see Facebook as opportunity.  I advise clients that they must set up a Facebook page, that they should advertise, offer discounts.  It’s free, I tell them, to establish a presence within a community of people who are looking to each other for recommendations, for direction.  It’s an opportunity.

For me personally, it has meant almost redemption, or validation, or something similar.  Reconnecting with old friends, from Girls’ Latin school and UMass/Boston, from my old neighborhood and from the CYO that was my entire social life from thirteen to eighteen.  I didn’t just lose touch with them–I was lost.  It sounds so cliche, but the new boyfriend, the long “relationship” and finally the terrible break up took me away from who I was.  And when I got back I was different, or thought I was.  What Facebook has given me is the opportunity to be both: the same girl from Hyde Park and the very different woman I am now.


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