It’s not $640 million, but…

It’s a jackpot all the same.  I feel like I have just found a treasure chest–albeit one that will take me 6-8 months to unpack and review its contents.  The New Yorker just posted this to their Facebook page:  “Twenty-four New Yorker writers were included in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University’s list of “the 100 outstanding journalists in the United States in the Last 100 Years.” To mark the occasion, we have gone through our archives and matched each New Yorker writer with one of his or her best-known pieces. Enjoy!”  

I love the New Yorker.  I read every issue, pretty much cover to cover and in order, which explains why I am currently reading the November 2011 Food Issue.  Even if I do not get to these until I am cruising in Maine this summer, I will get to those that I have not already read. Just look at this list!!

Hannah Arendt: “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” February 16, 1963.
James Baldwin: “Letter from a Region in My Mind,” November 17, 1962.
Meyer Berger: “The Tombs,” August 30, 1941.
William F. Buckley, Jr.: “My Right-Wing Conspiracy,” October 21, 1996.
Truman Capote: “The Duke in His Domain,” November 9, 1957.
Rachel Carson: “Silent Spring,” June 16, 1962.
Nora Ephron: “Serial Monogamy,” February 13, 2006.
Dexter Filkins: “The Afghan Bank Heist,” February 14, 2011.
Frances Fitzgerald: “Vietnam,” July 1, 1972.
Philip Gourevitch: “After the Genocide,” December 18, 1995.
Nat Hentoff: “The Constitutionalist,” March 12, 1990.
John Hersey: “Hiroshima,” August 31, 1946.
Seymour Hersh: “Torture at Abu Ghraib,” May 10, 2004.
Jane Kramer: “The Politics of Memory,” August 14, 1995.
Anthony Lewis: “The Sullivan,” November 5, 1984.
A. J. Liebling: “Memoirs of a Feeder in France,” April 11, 1959.
Jane Mayer: “The Predator War,” October 26, 2009.
Mary McCarthy : “The Revel of the Earth,” July 7, 1956.
John McPhee: “A Sense of Where You Are,” January 23, 1965.
H. L. Mencken: “Giants at the Bar,” May 24, 1941.
Joseph Mitchell: “Professor Sea Gull,” December 12, 1942.
David Remnick: “American Hunger,” October 12, 1998.
William Shawn: “Comment,” September 23, 1972.
E. B. White: “Letter from the East,” February 20, 1960.

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