Opening Day

It’s opening day for the Red Sox and I am less excited than I am revulsed. Ok, maybe that’s too strong a word. But the way the last season ended was cringe-worthy. Just awful. Embarrassing. And this year so far has not been much of an improvement. First off we have Bobby V. I would have preferred the much maligned Dale Sveum. Every time I see Bobby V’s mug, I make a face. Seriously. I can’t help it.  All scrunched up and frowning. I knew it was going to be a long season when he started yapping about Derek Jeter. Now we have the thumb issue. I’m sorry, thumb situation. I am glad that as a result, Alfredo Aceves will be our temporary closer. Lots of folks think it should be Bard. Please. CLOSER. Fierce competitor, gimme the ball kinda stuff. Does that scream Daniel Bard to you?  I have not seen that much of a deer in the headlights look since Calvin Schiraldi.  

Game starts at one. Maybe I’ll just listen a little bit.  I do love Dave O’Brien.

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