“You get what you give.”

I say it all the time, and I believe it completely. And for me, it sort of applies to everything. If you are dressed in sleep pants and slippers to go to school (like every teenager in this town), you are projecting that you’d rather be in bed. You will not get the same kind of attention and response you would get if you dressed neatly, cleanly, and with care. So when you complain about your teachers, think about what they see when they look out at a classroom full of kids who do not care enough to even get dressed, and what they think about the parents who do not make them.

I recently spent some time in a medical setting and was surprised (horrified) at some of the behaviors I saw from folks who are care-givers. They were some of the most difficult people I have had to deal with lately (have I mentioned how grateful I am to work from home?) and I was exhausted from the effort it took to be patient and kind and civil to them. Many passive-aggressive, some narcissistic, most seemed to just need a lot of attention. Imagine being a patient, to be sick, and tired, and relying on this person to get you well and get you home.

I know most of us are stressed all the time, anxious, negative. But if that’s what we are putting out into the universe, that’s the energy we are going to get back. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let’s smile at each other as we pass. Let’s take our time. Be kind.

It’s all we can do, really.

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