Ten Things I Love, Vol. I

Not in any order:

  1. Cooks Illustrated. I love to cook, and even though nearly every recipe is incredibly labor intensive, the effort is always worth it.
  2. Knitting. Currently obsessed with brightly-colored, patterned cotton wash cloths. Instant gratification and so much fun.
  3. Play-off hockey. Let’s go Bs!
  4. Listening to Red Sox baseball on the radio (been tough lately but Dave O’Brien has a magic voice, evoking memories of Ned Martin and Curt Gowdy).
  5. Having my mom and dad live with me half the year. They will be home in just a little more than a week. Cannot wait!
  6. 80s alternative music. The Smiths, New Order, The Cure.
  7. My daughter.  And the fact she has the same taste in music as I do. No Kiss 108 (retch) for us. ‘FNX all the way!
  8. The Eastern Yacht Club. So proud to be part of the history, and to contribute to the present.
  9. Flying to DC on US Airways. The nicest team, in the air and on the ground.
  10. My son.  And the fact that his friends–sixteen year-olds–are always pleasant. Always polite. And always here…

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