Ten Things I Love Vol. II

In no particular order:

  1. Market Basket in Salem MA. I know, I know. It is sooooo crowded but it’s so social! I see so many friends AND I save money!
  2. The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.
  3. Rex Parker does the NY Times crossword puzzle blog, for when I am completely stumped. Also he has a wicked sense of humor.
  4. Shubies. Incredible food matched by their incredible team.
  5. Dogwood trees in bloom, both pink ones and white ones. So when Barbara Walters asks me what kind of a tree I would be? I am ready.
  6. Kimpton Hotels. Quiet quiet rooms and great customer service.
  7. Oaky buttery chardonnays. Rombauer, for example.
  8. Juicy jammy zins. Like Rafanelli.
  9. The mai tais Goldie makes at Thai Thani in Swampscott (I have veered off in a certain direction, haven’t I?)
  10. Watching the harbor fill up with boats, slowly, slowly, one by one, then exponentially, until it’s packed and it’s the 4th of July (something else I love –for another edition.)

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  1. With you on #7 for sure!! Rombauer for special occasions only…always in search of a more economical facsimile!

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