New Year Grab Bag II

How can Morton’s Kosher Salt be saltier than Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt? I recently had to buy Morton’s instead of my normal Diamond Crystal and suddenly I am oversalting everything I cook!

I am going cold turkey on celebrity gossip blogs. While writing about Lana Wachowski, I felt hypocritical (but not in a Ray Lewis way) and decided to be the change.

Smitten Kitchen: the blog, the comments there, the cookbook, love love love.

When did driving become such a blood sport?  The goal seems to be to get in front of everyone else, no matter how you have to do it, and flipping them off while you do! Depressing and disturbing.

On a related note, I only flipped someone the bird once while driving.  Turned out to be my grandfather.

Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings was “forceful” according to the Boston Globe and “histrionic” according to the Boston Herald.  Me? I thought Hillz was brillz. (I can see my daughter’s eyeroll over the use of brillz.  She would be totes mortified.)

Just saw the news that Pedro Martinez is joining the Red Sox front office.  This is the first Red Sox-related item that has made me smile in about a year and four months!

It makes me so happy that the young people I worked with at my last position keep in touch with me.  I am flattered when I am asked to give references, and over the moon when I am asked my opinion on a professional matter.  Thank you all!




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