Winter Blues

There was an opinion piece in the NY Times recently about the month of January and its effect on our individual and collective psyche. It is definitely a challenge when you rise in the dark, and the sun sets barely past 3:30. I have always been fond of winter, and never understood how New Englanders could complain about the cold and snow (you live in New England, people!) Until recently. I have been very fortunate to travel to warm weather destinations for business the last three Januarys, and I am starting to get it. Man, does the sun feel good!

A couple of years ago, my flight home from Miami was cancelled because of snow. I rented a car and drove to visit my parents for a few days. In 2012, I was at La Quinta in Palm Springs, California–absolute heaven (have I mentioned how much I love my client?) This year, I was in Orlando for three days. When my flight home was delayed I grabbed the bag that I had pre-packed with a swim suit, flip flops and sunscreen and headed to the pool. I really needed the Vitamin D; I feel like my brain has been reset. And I know how obnoxious I sound, sorry.  But for many years, my business travel took me only to spots like Kearney, Nebraska, or White Cloud, Kansas, or (gulp) Fresno.  I guess I really don’t feel so bad.

My husband has always recommended and visited tanning booths in the dead of winter,  not for tanning mom purposes (sorry, I just cannot link to an image of her) but to reduce the effects of seasonal affect disorder. When the days seem interminable and you cannot wait to crawl into bed;  when you feel lost, blue, lonely, it may not be due to anything but lack of sunshine.  Women in particular have trouble admitting when we are struggling.  We hate to be seen as hysterical. So if the most recent episode of Downton Abbey has sent you into a tailspin, find a nearby salon and grab a litte virtual sunshine. Feel better! And remember we have successfully reached February!





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