Random Thoughts from Super Bowl XLVII

The Go Daddy commercial with Bar Rafaeli and the nerd was one of the grossest things I have ever seen. I read that it took 67 takes to get it right.

Ray Lewis makes me want to punch my television. I was afraid/hoping he would cry at the coin toss.

Was Beyonce even singing? And did that qualify as a reunion under any standards?  I was pining for Prince.

I am so impressed by the brands that made hay with the power outage, Oreo especially, and Audi and Tide.

The land of Ten Tousand lakes.  The Gopher State!” Still cracking me up.  Some are calling the ad racist, and demanding that VW pull it.

Reading Tweets and Facebook posts with my daughter was the best part of the game.

Which is how we found out that the 49ers had stormed back after the black out. We had switched to Downton by then. We switched back.

Working our way through the Bissingers classic chocolate assortment was a close second.

Speaking of Downton, can someone explain to me the cellmate/prison guard story line? Why do they care about Bates at all?

And also speaking of Downton, have you seen the Muppets’ take on the Masterpiece Classic?

Budweiser’s Clydesdale commercial made me cry. Tide’s Miracle Stain was funny, but like most  ads, fell into the “men are idiots, women are b*%^#” trap, and no, that is not code for B*yonce.

Dodge’s “God made a farmer” ad featured the voice of Paul Harvey, reading the poem by an unknown author at a Future Farmers of America convention in 1978. Dodge has apparently agreed to contribute up to $1M to FFA based on the number of views the ad receives.  I thought it was beautiful.

On a side note, Paul Harvey, perhaps in a diminished state of mind and scripted by his son Paul Harvey Jr., became an outspoken animal rights activist. I wonder what cattle ranchers and dairy farmers thought of the ad.

What were your favorite moments?





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