Random Thoughts/Busy Week

Lebron James scored 45 points in last night’s drubbing of the Celtics. Lebron, I still think that whole “where will I play” circus was disgraceful and disrespectful, but man, I am speechless after watching you hit EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE!

I have no prediction on the Celtics-Heat Game 7 on Saturday. I am grateful to still be watching play-off basketball, LOVED going to Game 4, and think that this group sets the bar high for all professional athletes (see Daniel Bard, below).

SO Delicious Coconut creamer is a perfect substitute for half and half.

Why can’t I find Pepcid Complete on any pharmacy shelves? Is this another product used to make meth or some such?

And what the what now on the bath salts??

My addiction to celebrity gossip has come in handy lately. I have been able to share tidbits with my teenage daughter, and while I will never reach the level of cool, I am at least good for something.

Having a movie filmed here in town is a lot of fun, and very eye-opening as to the amount of work and attention to detail (even in GU2) that is required. The Ice Cream House was built and aged within a week for this film.

Daniel Bard is disappointed that he was sent down to AAA. Danny Boy, I’m disappointed that you suck. Now please shut up and locate your fastball.

Daisuke pitches tomorrow. ┬áThe adventures continue…







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