What a Week

The moon must be in something. Or some planet is retrograde. That’s all I have to say about the past week.

No, it’s not.

Driving was particularly hazardous; parking even more so for some of us. Skateboarding was not all that safe either. Cars pulled onto main roads from side streets without touching the brakes. People walked across busy streets without looking both ways, hell, without looking at all! Old ladies stepped in front of speeding skateboarders, then ranted and yelled about how dangerous it was after the boarder hit a wall rather than them.

A local police officer working a crowd-control detail during filming of a scene of Grown Ups 2 dropped continuous F-bombs at the teenagers, there hoping for an up-close glimpse of Hollywood, telling them to “move the f-back,” or “shut the f-up,” or “show some f-ing respect” (seriously?)  He called them “Marblehead brats,” and threatened to get kids from a nearby city to come in and “teach them a lesson.”

And I have not even mentioned the Celtics.

What the heck is going on?

It feels like the downhill slide began last week, so I googled and found that Venus went retrograde on May 15. Here’s what that means, according to a bunch of folks on the internet who may or may not have any credibility:

When Venus is retrograde, the Goddess of love, beauty, fairness and pleasure can show a side that is more like a Goddess of war, sabotage, pretense and compulsion (me: check). Hidden desire and hunger may surface, which can disrupt the balance of one’s life. This can ultimately be for the better, since it is only by bringing these dynamics up to consciousness and awareness that they can be untangled, healed and re-integrated into the whole. Unfortunately, it can also create a lot of turmoil in the process (me: check), and there is no guarantee that a relationship will survive this transformation.

But untangling and healing are positive words, right? So that’s good news. And I found a couple of tips.  June 5/6 is the best day during this period for matters concerning love and money. Be attentive and receptive.  And June 7 through 11, we should watch for impulsive activity that can cause upsets of an emotional or biological nature.

Now the bad news: Venus is retrograde until June 27th. Then we have to look out for Mercury retrograde. Ai yi yi.

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