Random Thoughts on a Day of Celebration

Today I am hosting a graduation party for my sort-of nephew Taylor (Tayl-AH as we call him).  He received his degree yesterday from MIT.  We are so proud of him, and so proud of my brother David and his partner Tony for being such an important part of Taylor’s life.  I know it must have been very hard for Taylor, as he was good friends with MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, murdered by the Marathon bombers.  But I hope the love of his extended family and a good party will help.  Congratulations, Taylor, and to all of your beautiful family!

The Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup.  If anyone had told me a month ago that we would be in this position I would have shaken my head.  Not gonna happen.  Going in to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Penguins and the hated Sidney Crosby (I hate Sidney Crosby–not at a Subban level, but his entitled whining is annoying), I could easily have believed in the possibility of a four-game sweep–by the Penguins!

To the person who retrieved my mother’s forgotten purse from the shopping cart in the Market Basket parking lot, took it home, and called the first number in her cell phone (mine) to let us know he had it:  Wasn’t it enough that you stole all her cash, which she discovered after she got home from picking up the purse from you?  Did you really have to take the $20 she offered in gratitude?

Also to Mr. McC of Lynn (see above), know this:  My mom would not let me call the police and have you arrested.  She feels grateful to have her glasses and her bag back. I am grateful to have such an amazing mom.

And to the weather gods, thank you!  We will be able to celebrate outside, now that Andrea has moved on!


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